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Pray Today Be Peaceful

Come Worship in the River. For with You is The Fountain of Life In Your light we see light Psalm 36:9



School of Supernatural Ministry


All classes run from 6:30 - 9:00 pm every Monday

at 2820 B Avonhurst Drive.

1) Written reports are due to the first class of each new month, outlining the practical ministry engaged in during the previous month. they will include, but are not limited to the following:

    > Date, time and the team members involved.

    > Location Ministry took place.

    > Who was ministered to.

    > What were the results

    > Identify the follow-up plan.

2) All other reports will be given orally from:

> Live Skype and in-class instruction

> Books

> Conference with Vivien Hibbert

> 5 - 10 Minutes will be allocated to 3-4 students every class to speak about what

ministered to them from these venues.

> The purpose of the oral report is to activate everyone's speaking capacity.

***Taking of notes is strongly encouraged***

3) Team leads will be chosen from the class to lead the weekly outreach events. All students are required to participate in these outreaches.

>A minimum of two ministry outreaches per month.

4) See Course outline for dates and times, subject matter and ministry events.