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The Bible is everywhere!

A free Bible on your phone, tablet, and computer. YouVersion is a simple, ad-free Bible that brings God’s Word into your daily life.

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We are men and women, leaders called by God, committed to seeing the Gospel of the Kingdom proclaimed throughout every nation of the world. We are being strategically placed together by the Spirit of God. The body of Christ and His Kingdom are not loosely functioning but are being brought into divine order by obedience to the Word of God and our being yielded to His Holy Spirit.

The family of Faith Christian University’s mission has designed institutional goals to enable each student to be prepared for a life of dedication and service to God. These goals incorporate growth in the student’s mental abilities, professional abilities, personal character, and spiritual life.

“The Family of Faith came into existence when God spoke to me and said: “I am raising up a family of people that will be filled with faith and reach the nations with my love.” We have been living out that word of God these past years. God spoke and said: “You will be a light to the nations.” That has been our prayer and passion to see the nations touched with the love of Jesus.”

Dr. Sam Matthews

Open Gate Church’s vision is to see each child of God equipped, supported and enabled to walk out his or her God-appointed destiny. We are convinced that God is raising up powerful ministries in these last days and that he is re-establishing the foundational gifting of Apostle and Prophet. We are a body of believers who are hungry for more of God in our lives.

Our first mission is to carry the life-changing presence of God into our world. We are called to train and send believers into the harvest, equipped with an understanding of who God is, who we are, and able to use the authority He has given us. Our mission is to see heaven invade earth in every realm of society, that the nations would belong to our Lord and King, Jesus Christ.

L. A. is an Author, Researcher, Lecturer, Host of the Watcher Series and Politics Prophecy & the Supernatural Report. Marzulli is a frank biblical, super-naturalists who has lectured on the subjects of UFOs, The Nephilim, Ancient Artifacts, Megalithic Structures and Ancient Prophetic Texts. Tornados, Earthquakes of 7.0 and greater, Flooding, Riots and the Rise of Lawlessness. It’s no longer business as usual.

KHRT is an interdenominational evangelistic radio station serving Northern North Dakota and Southern Canada. Groups from many denominations became actively involved in the ministry of KHRT, bringing many different theological perspectives together. With our main objective to communicate the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ over the air ways to the listening public.